Age Diverse teams make better decisions!

Diverse generational teams get better results 80% of the time compared to individuals working individually or in a non-inclusive team!

Age and Gender Diverse Teams make better decisions

Research from Cloverpop revealed that having a diverse group of individuals in a team leads to superior decision-making. Teams composed of members from varying age groups seem to excel the most.

(ref: Cloverpop’s White Paper: Hacking Diversity with Inclusive Decision-Making)

Psychometric tests will help create diverse teams – agree?

It has become a common practice for employers to use personality assessments during the hiring process to screen applicants quickly. However, there is controversy surrounding their use as some candidates may know how to manipulate their responses to appear more favourable.

Another concern is the potential for participants to acquiesce and agree with statements, regardless of accuracy. This tendency towards acquiescence may be an individual difference.

How can psychometric tests help?

When developing and building diverse teams, these tests are a game changer. Creating diverse teams is essential, as studies have shown that having a mix of different personalities can lead to better decision-making and innovative solutions.

It’s essential to avoid having everyone with the same personality type in a team or workplace, as diversity is key. Interestingly, research has found that teams with a mix of ages and genders tend to make better decisions 80% of the time. According to Cloverpop’s White Paper on Hacking Diversity with Inclusive Decision-Making, teams with diverse individuals excel in decision-making, especially when they come from different age groups.

It’s not always best for everyone to have the same personality type in a team or workplace. It’s good to have a mix of different personalities to help balance things out – having the ‘same’ personality type in a room or a team doesn’t work.

 The DISC/INSIGHTS psychometric test, developed by Thomas Erikson, conducted an interesting experiment. 

Erikson assigned the same project to the four personality groups and observed their behaviour. The experiment demonstrated that having a team of only one behavioural type limits diversity of thought. 

DISC profiling team players will improve team diversity- agree?

According to Erikson, a team of ‘yellows’ is full of high energy, laughter, and discussion but lacks listening skills. A team of ‘greens’ is characterized by a calm and quiet environment, focused on listening, building consensus, and prioritizing stability and security. A team of ‘reds’ is loud and chaotic, with little collaboration. Lastly, a team of ‘blues’ engages in detailed problem analysis but struggles to progress towards a solution.

If you’re not familiar with these INSIGHTS, here’s a brief overview:

DISC profile: Steadiness/Earth Green

People who possess the Steadiness/Earth Green personality are recognized for their reliable, composed, and encouraging demeanour. They typically try to steer clear of conflicts and place great importance on maintaining solid relationships with others. Their commitment to keeping their word makes them trustworthy individuals.

Some prominent figures who exhibit these traits are Gandhi, Halle Berry, Jimmy Fallon, and David Beckham.

DISC profile: Influence/Sunshine Yellow

The Influence/Sunshine Yellow personality type is characterised by decisiveness, inspiration, and a tendency towards impulsive behaviour. These individuals enjoy meeting new people and have a natural talent for drawing attention.

Notable figures with this personality type include Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Liza Minnelli, and Oprah Winfrey.

DISC profile: Conscientious/Cool Blue

The Conscientious/Cool Blue personality type values calmness and order and is skilled at analytical problem-solving. They are detail-oriented, systematic, and logical, working at a slower pace and focusing on procedures, constraints, data, and analysis. They believe in the importance of structure and rules.

Famous individuals with this personality type include Albert Einstein, Kevin Costner, Richard Nixon, Clint Eastwood, and Bill Gates.

DISC profile: Dominant Red

Individuals with a Dominant Red personality type are quick to act without caution. They have a strong desire to control situations and prioritize completing tasks quickly, even if it means taking risks and incurring a high cost. Reds are often seen as natural leaders who are highly determined and forceful.

Examples of red dominant decisive doer personalities include Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Robert DeNiro, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama and Mother Teresa.

A diverse team is essential for achieving the best results, as each team member brings unique strengths based on their personality type, age, and gender. Using just one type of personality might not lead to the best outcomes. That’s why it’s essential to embrace and understand these differences. Studies have shown that teams of individuals from different generations and genders perform better. Teams often make better decisions than individuals, and teams with diverse demographics usually yield even better outcomes- around 80%!

(Ref: Cloverpop 2023 White Paper: Hacking Diversity with Inclusive Decision-Making)

Diverse perspectives can lead to more creative and effective solutions. This is likely not news to you!

It can be tough for young employees to take on more managerial responsibilities and work independently in unpredictable environments. This can be especially challenging in companies where older colleagues hold higher positions and make all the decisions. In situations like this, younger workers may struggle to adjust to their new roles as leaders and may even consider leaving the company.

(Ref: Deloitte 2021 Wrong numbers Why a focus on age can mislead workforce development)

Millennial Job Hopping

In my last post, we discussed the issue of “job-hopping millennials” and the challenges organisations face in retaining them.

To keep these valuable team members committed and engaged with your company, it’s essential to consider their psychological contract with your organization. Gallup’s February 2023 report states, “21% of millennials have changed jobs within the past year, more than three times the number of non-millennials who have done the same.”


According to a Gallup report on the millennial generation, 21% of millennials surveyed report changing jobs within the past year – more than three times the rate of other generations

Gallup Feb 2023

You can find the article “The Best Way to Retain the Job-Hopping Millennial Generation” if you missed it. The article delves into how we can improve the relationship between generations to retain millennials and attract them.

Millennials have significantly influenced workplace culture and tend to change jobs frequently if they are unhappy. I have identified seven strategies to strengthen relationships and retain this generation of workers in the full article published on my website.

You’ll find the blog here on my website if you are interested in the full article.

The keynotes and facilitated training I have been running begin the process of bridging the communication gap and allowing for a more open dialogue to reduce millennial attrition.

Closing the Generational Mindset Gap

This is why I’ve created my impactful and successful signature talk, which provides generational awareness and education about where these problems have arisen.

As well as the solutions to close the generational mindset gap, decrease workplace presenteeism, and increase positivity and harmony, which will mean longevity for the business.

In my talk, I provide insights on the following:

🤔The differences between all generations in the workplace and the problems this creates in your organisation.

🤔 Explore these differences impact the workplace and how we switch these to your advantage.

🤔 Introduce five myths currently existing in areas such as generational work ethic, use of workplace power, generational communication differences, and the potential damage these myths are causing.

🤔 Bust the myths giving a deeper, more analytical view of what is happening!

🤔 Provide solutions in the five key areas that leaders and employees can embrace within all organisations to achieve psychological safety and candour because the best way for the team to win is when everybody gives their opinion and be ready to debate.

This signature talk is part of a wider offering, including programmes that dive into the issues’ nub with practical workplace transformation techniques.

If you are currently experiencing these challenges within your organisation (or know someone who does), I’d love to chat about how I can support you.

Book a call here or hit reply and let’s talk!

This signature talk is part of a wider offering, including programmes that dive into the issues’ nub with practical workplace transformation techniques.

If you are currently experiencing these challenges within your organisation (or know someone who does), I’d love to chat about how I can support you.

Next steps

To support organisations experiencing these generational challenges within your organisation currently (or know someone that does), I’d love to chat with you about how I can support you and create a resilient workforce that can bounce back and learn from these difficult conversations.

Training and facilitations that include a personalised approach and facilitated group coaching sessions that develop personal and professional growth for employees will create a solid, proactive response to generational conflict.

Adele Stickland
International Author + Accredited Resilience Trainer + Accredited ICF Coach
Adele Stickland
International Author + Accredited Resilience Trainer + Accredited ICF Coach
Blog | Whitepaper | LinkedIn | Work together in Q3 2023

In terms of the types of generational conflict training programmes I can offer, these include:

  • Leadership coaching for your leadership teams to avoid conflict
  • Resilience Programmes so employees and teams bounce back from difficult work periods and improve team communication.
  • Live or virtual training with follow-up group coaching sessions to embed training and encourage behavioural change.
  • E-learning courses for your LMS system.

If you are interested in supporting your team’s resilience with bespoke Generational Awareness & Education and the solutions to close the generational mindset gap

Then reach out so and book a quick call so that we can identify the needs of your team and what will work for them and your business.

Book a call here or hit reply and let’s talk!

Book a chat to discuss your plans

If your organisation is looking to incorporate Generational Awareness & Education and the solutions to close the generational mindset gap please email me to discuss your organisational requirements or book an appointment straight in my diary

Leadership Development Support:

Burnout is a real issue when leaders try to cope with and are everything to everyone. The strain can be too much if leaders feel that their role is the crucial pin holding the team and the organisation together.

If as a team leader, you feel overwhelmed, a one-to-one professional coaching session will help give you the time out, perspective and clarity you need so that you can operate at a level your team needs.

Book an introductory session with me. As a professionally accredited ICF coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders so that they reach their optimum levels of performance.

What others have to say about Resilience Training

Book a quick 30-minute session to find out how it works.

Micromanaging is not sustainable for managers. If you’d like to read more this article will help The 6 leadership skills that are essential for hybrid working

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