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Tailored Workplace Training: Unleashing Your Organisation's Full Potential

With the increased workload caused by the fast pace of workplace change, there is an understandable concern amongst senior leadership teams and HR departments around the issues of attracting and retaining key team players

Your teams are dealing with unprecedented change, including varied and complex work structures.

In recent years, significant cultural changes in the workplace have brought about several new challenges. For instance, the transition to hybrid working has increased workloads by around 20-30%.

Team leaders and HR departments are aware of the issues around helping teams to work well together cohesively and therefore reduce workload by :

> Addressing communication issues to reduce time wasted on miscommunication, excessive emails and online meetings.

> Resolving conflicts in a way that feels safe and collegial 

> Promoting effective collaboration by creating a ‘can do’ growth mindset to challenges, 

> Optimising team structures so leaders can set practical expectations without overwhelming their team. 

Organisational leadership programmes need to be personalised and include a strong bias towards resilience to deal with the aftermath of intense change and increased working pace.

There are several ways in which I can assist in providing an understanding of the issues that are identified and building a workable structure that will enhance employees’ motivation, job satisfaction, and commitment to work. 

Developing strategies to keep employees engaged and invested in their roles by creating a strong psychological contract between your organisation and its employees. This, in turn, will help to shape a positive organisational culture by defining and aligning core values, norms, and behaviours that align with the company’s mission and foster a productive and harmonious work environment.

What is critical to any intervention is to develop workloads that ensure they are aligned with employees’ abilities and needs to create a healthy work-life balance, which is critically important to those job-hopping Millennials.

These bespoke solutions are found by first recognising the real issues for your organisation and creating bespoke facilitation and training packages around these core issues.

Knowledgeable & passionate about personal growth and helping people to find ways to be their best selves. The sessions you ran were effective with rave reviews and attendance levels. I really appreciated the effort you put in to understand our business so the content was as relevant as it could possibly be. It felt like we had worked with you for much longer!

Corporate resilience Karen King testimonial

How we can help

Communication Trainings

Training sessions focused on effective communication strategies are key to fulfilling organisational goals. Whether your focus is on invigorating your team or effectively engaging and retaining millennial talent, I am committed to offering expert advice. Together, we can develop a strategy that addresses your core requirements while enhancing your team’s skills, leading your business to remarkable achievements

Team Dynamics: Behavioural Change Training

Behaviour change training involves teams working together so that open communication creates innovative solutions and greater creativity to workplace issues.

Training like this is bespoke to each organisation and are developed with specific learning objectives so that companies benefit from tangible ROI for the wellbeing budget.


Coaching assists leaders to overcome obstacles – to be unstuck and more positive.

Coaching creates space for leaders to become more self-aware, self-regulated, motivated and develop empathy and stronger social skills so that their teams benefit from open communications and reduced friction and tension within teams.

Client Testionials

Chris Adele Stickland Resilience Training

Adele recently did some training on mental resilience for Saunderson House and it was slick and inciteful, whilst also being extremely helpful. I was particularly impressed that she took the time to follow up immediately on some feedback that I had given with an invite to a personal discussion, which was also very useful. Not only does Adele clearly 'know her stuff' but she also cares and is very authentic. I would be very happy to recommend her services.”

About Adele

With over 20 years of experience in the coaching industry, Adele has a unique insight into leadership resilience within organisations. Using a powerful combination of personal experience and industry background Adele is ideally placed to understand the needs of your organisation. Improving your corporate leadership programmes and specifically tailoring them to your requirements.

Creating bespoke and tailored learning platforms to work effectively within your organisation, because every organisation is different

Bespoke training solutions that will enable your staff to easily access the impactful instructor-led live learning training courses ensure a better ROI for organisations

Bespoke programmes are more cost-effective in terms of time, energy, and financial considerations and organisations see a better ROI on their wellbeing initiatives.

Client Testionials

Resilience in the workplace testimonial

Adele brings enthusiasm, energy, great knowledge and experience to her work. It’s so good to hear from someone as passionate about how we can all manage and improve our mental agility and resilience, so as to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives, both at work and at home. Highly recommended

Are we right for you?

Who I work with

Financial Services Companies that want to create a strategic overview and a framework which has leadership buy-in, and belief so that the leaders champion the promotion of the wellbeing strategy throughout the organisation

Law firms that want to build upon strong and effective mental health foundations so that teams feel cared for and nurtured and will do their best work

Construction companies that want to develop a resilience programme that will promote the values of the organisation and increase brand awareness throughout their local communities so that the home builders are known to have high levels of client trust and empathy, understanding and are truste

Who I don't work with

Team leaders that already have strong bonds, greater interpersonal skills and feedback loops in their teams

Organisations who do not have a skills gap or who have already created an agile working environments that caters for the Millenial and Gen Zs who are looking for stronger ties to their organisation that go beyond the 'paycheck' and offer instead strong sense of purpose, mission and aligned values.

Organisations that already have a robust Resilience Strategy that reduces stress and improves wellbeing. Organisations that already have in place strong goals, values and mission that they are coherent throughout the business.

Client Testionials

“Adele worked with me and my team helping us to understand resilience and importantly giving us practical tools and insight to ensure we can make meaningful differences to our every day. Adele was an engaging and passionate speaker and ensure everyone remained engaged and inspired to leave the room and put some of the ideas into action”

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Problems I solve...

Reducing stress in the workplace

Bespoke trainings are created to raise awareness around employee wellbeing so that managers can have confident conversations around stress.

Resilience strategies are designed and implemented which will benefit employee health and wellbeing.

Training that support employee wellbeing so that their productivity and role effectiveness remains consistent

Reducing stress in the workplace so that organisations retain high productivity and reduce presenteeism.  Increasing team resilience so that organisations have a better wellbeing strategy ROI.

Organisational, Team and Intrapersonal Resilience

Using the Organisational Resilience framework that I have developed so that we can step back and understand strategic overview by assessing the organisation’s goals, values and mission.

Taking a snapshot of “where are we now” in terms of the organisations wellbeing culture so that trainings can fill the gaps so that any time or financial budget is directed effectively.

Once the strategic overview is understood then a bottom up approach is used to ensure relevancy. 

Rather than initiating trainings from what we ‘think’ employees need; instead pulse surveys (5 weekly questions) dig deeper and training is bespoke, crafted in real time.

Efficacy is created by gaining strategic buy-in, promotion and belief from management teams before it is promoted company-wide so that engagement with the training is much higher

Resilience training develops consistently resilient senior managers so that they are then able to support their own teams who in turn support the organisations clients.

Mental Resilience for improved organisational productivity

By building workplace resilience colleagues are stronger and more empowered so that they can work with the high pressure and build endurance to deal with the fluctuating intensity of workloads. 

Organisational resilience agility and resilience is developed by increasing managers awareness around current behaviours and wellbeing practices.

Awareness creates change.

When team leaders are more aware of how they can be more effective at work will mean that whilst at work, they will be more efficient.

Powerful personal resilience develop intrapersonal skills so that managers can regulate their personal resilience, they can control the controllables and create their own work life boundaries which will mean that when they are at work they are more focused, creative and innovative.

How organisations can help stop zoning out at work

‘Presenteeism’ is zoning out at work or not fully performing whilst at work

Presenteeism affects the ability of people to learn and pick up new tasks/routines

Managers are feeling pressured and not looking after themselves, which will affect their job roles

Resilience training supporting organisations with presenteeism issues and boost productivity