5 ways to reduce generational mindset gap that’s creating workplace conflict

Reducing the generational mindset gap

The generational mindset gap is creating a generational conflict chasm.

As an expert on resilience in the workplace and through my work I have observed the intergenerational mindset gap and how parenting style, communication, environment and exposure have influenced all generations from traditionalists and baby boomers to Gen Zs and Alphas.

I’ve come to see the challenges that exist and what can be done for decreasing workplace presenteeism where employees are simply turning up but not fully functioning. Presenteeism is cutting productivity in organisations by over a third (Ref: Harvard Business 2004).

The work I’m doing to increase awareness of the generational conflict in the workplace is helping to not only improve immediate productivity and also create longer-term collaborative harmony.

Working with organisations it has become acutely apparent that there is a chasm of differing attitudes within the workplace and between the generations including:

  • differing generational attitudes to work,
  • perception of the speed of promotions
  • expectations of what is required at work
  • lack of engagement and participation in team meetings due to a lack of motivation

My keynote begins the process of how to recognise these differences and enables teams to work together in harmony by learning from each other. These issues need to be resolved so that we don’t continue the generational mindset problem in the workplace and also perpetuate this further for future generations.

The generational communication problem is not simply going to fade away when generation drops off the end of the work continuum – history repeats itself.

There is a perception that values are different between generations and certain generations are being alienated simply because of the way they were brought up. Some values have gone out of fashion.

Why is this, what has happened to create this discord?

Symptoms of Generational Miscommunication

Working with organisations I’ve become aware of a number of symptoms that are created by generational miscommunication in the workplace.

These generational workplace conflict symptoms include:

  • Lower productivity due to internal conflict between generations at work which is expressed as team conflict
  • More senior leaders holding on to the power base and creating generational conflict in the hierarchical structure of businesses
  • Lack of agency and ‘do as you are told’ creates high stress directly related to a perceived lack of agency
  • In fast-paced work environments where team members have no voice, and high stress as a consequence, long leaves of absence and high attrition are also noted.
  • When team members are not recognised for their input or valued for their contribution there follows an increasing lack of personal motivation and increased presenteeism.
  • Younger team members are seen as less resilient and not strong enough
  • The perception is that the smallest issue exhausts them
  • There is an older generational perception that the younger generation needs to be more self-aware and take responsibility for their own resilience.

Over and again I’m being asked to intervene with 121 coaching sessions and resilience training that will create a stronger workforce when the real problem is being ignored.

Lack of budget, time and awareness means that organisations are failing to grasp the real issue.

The perception that the younger team members lack resilience is countered with more traditional older team members and managers are seen as workaholics!

With the belief that “it was hard for us to join the workforce therefore it should be the same for you”

The prevailing attitude is derived from redundant beliefs that you stay in the job however hard – it is a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work!

Your self-esteem and self-worth should come from working hard.

The truth is that organisations are not adaptable to cultural change and are resistant to workforce mental flexibility and fast-changing cultural attitudes that are shaping the world and impacting workplaces that can’t see the real problems!

Research tells us that successful organisations are neuro-diverse, and multigenerational and are the best way to create a psychologically safe environment that involves candid conversations and creative solutions to workplace problems.

However, research tells us that most organisations are suffering from The Readiness Gap: 70% of organisations say leading multigenerational workforces is important for their success. Only 10% say they are very ready to address this! (Deloitte 2020)

“70% of organisations say leading multigenerational workforces is important for their success.

Only 10% are ready to address this!”

(Deloitte 2020)

This is why I’ve created my impactful and successful signature talk which provides generational awareness and education about where these problems have arisen

As well as the solutions to close the generational mindset gap and decrease workplace presenteeism, and increase positivity and harmony which will mean longevity for the business.

In my talk I provide insights on:

🖤 The differences between all generations in the workplace and the problems that this is creating in your organisation.

🖤 Explore the impact these differences have in the workplace and how we switch these to your advantage.

🖤 Introduce 5 myths that currently exist in areas such as generational work ethic, use of workplace power and generational communication differences and the potential damage these myths are causing.

🖤 Bust the myths giving a deeper more analytical view of what is really happening!

ICF Accreditation Adele Stickland Resilience Trainer

🖤 Provide solutions in the 5 key areas that leaders and employees can embrace within all organisations to achieve psychological safety and candour because the best way for the team to win is when everybody gives their opinion and be ready to debate.

This signature talk is part of a wider offering including programmes that dive into the nub of the issues with practical techniques for workplace transformation.

If you are experiencing these challenges within your organisation currently (or know someone that does) I’d love to chat with you about how I can support you.

Book a call here or hit reply and let’s talk!

Next steps

To support organisations that are experiencing these generational challenges within your organisation currently (or know someone that does) I’d love to chat with you about how I can support you and create a resilient workforce that can bounce back and learn from these difficult conversations.

Training and facilitations that include a personalised approach and facilitated group coaching sessions that develop personal and professional growth for employees will create a strong proactive, response to generational conflict

Adele Stickland
International Author + Accredited Resilience Trainer + Accredited ICF Coach
Adele Stickland
International Author + Accredited Resilience Trainer + Accredited ICF Coach
Blog | Whitepaper | LinkedIn | Work together in Q2 2023

In terms of the types of generational conflict training programmes I can offer these include:

  • Leadership coaching for your leadership teams to avoid conflict
  • Resilience Programmes so that employees and teams bounce back from difficult work periods and improve communication between teams.
  • Live or virtual training with follow-up group coaching sessions to embed training and encourage behavioural change.
  • E-learning courses for your LMS system.

If you are interested in supporting your team’s resilience with bespoke Generational Awareness & Education and the solutions to close the generational mindset gap

Then reach out so and book a quick call so that we can identify the needs of your team and what will work for them and your business.

Book a chat to discuss your plans

If your organisation is looking to incorporate Generational Awareness & Education and the solutions to close the generational mindset gap please email me to discuss your organisational requirements or book an appointment straight in my diary

Leadership Coaching & Support:

Burnout is a real issue when leaders try to cope with and are everything to everyone. The strain can be too much if leaders feel that their role is the crucial pin holding the team and the organisation together.

If as a team leader, you feel overwhelmed, a one-to-one professional coaching session will help give you the time out, perspective and clarity you need so that you can operate at a level your team needs.

Book an introductory session with me. As a professionally accredited ICF coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders so that they reach their optimum levels of performance.

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Book a quick 30-minute session to find out how it works.

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