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In 2019/2020 poor mental health costs UK employers an estimated economic cost of £16.2 billion with 38.8 million working days lost

Changing work culture with increased awareness and a reduction of stress in the workplace means higher employee engagement, reduced presenteeism, increased productivity, profitability and better retention of key performers.

Wellbeing and resilience are high on the workplace agenda, simply because recruiting and retaining the best staff is important for Organisational Resilience so that businesses can bounce back stronger after difficult periods.

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Adele Stickland Accredited Coach

About Adele

With over 20 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, Adele has a unique insight into stress awareness and resilience within the financial sector. With a powerful combination of personal experience and industry background Adele is ideally placed to understand the needs of organisations looking to improve corporate resilience programmes specifically tailor them to their requirements. As a former leader in the marketing world, Adele was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning advertising, retail, and marketing together with 20 years of running her own wellness business. After becoming a victim of ambition-burnout herself, through personal development, training and learning Adele recognises that resilience is a skill that can be learned and developed using a crafted framework bespoke to each organisation.

The workshops, training and executive coaching have been delivered and developed inside construction companies, law firms, technology and data management consultancies, commercial property developers as well as the financial sector.

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Adele brings enthusiasm, energy, great knowledge and experience to her work. It’s so good to hear from someone as passionate about how we can all manage and improve our mental agility and resilience, so as to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives, both at work and at home

Phil Casey Managing Principle at Punter Southall Aspire
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“I decided to join Adele’s Openwork session with no major expectations. Word of mouth spread around our organisation and I was encouraged to drop in by my manager. However it soon became clear that her subjects were surprisingly enlightening, well researched and infectious (in a good way).”

Lee Jennings Pension Planning Services at Openwork Ltd
White paper how much is stress in workplace costing?

White Paper: How much is stress n the workplace actually costing your organisation?

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Resilience Training in the Workplace

Creating Resilience Training that is bespoke to your organisation is my priority.  Designing personalised training that is more relevant and as a result, more cost-effective in terms of managers and organisations time, energy, and financial considerations.

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