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With the increased workload caused by the pandemic, there is an understandable concern amongst senior leadership teams and HR departments around the issues of long term stress in the workplace and its effect on presenteeism which has a knock on effect on productivity and hitting targets.

Your teams are dealing with an unprecedented amount of change which includes a varied and complex work structure.

This has brought up a lot more unknowns than they have had to deal with in the past. Working with teams during the pandemic, I’ve noticed that the move to hybrid working has increased workloads by 20-30%

Team leaders and HR departments are aware of the stress and uncertainty that surrounds this and there is increasing awareness that Workplace Wellbeing Programmes that reduce stress need to be personalised to their teams and organisations.

Organisational Wellbeing Programmes need to include a strong bias towards resilience, to deal with the aftermath of this intense working period.

There are a number of ways in which I can assist in providing a wellbeing and resilient transition in your business. The first is to recognise what the real issue is for your organisation and creating a bespoke resilience training package around these current issues.

This will create a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by your team and the entire organisation.  

Knowledgeable & passionate about wellbeing, personal growth and helping people to find ways to be their best selves. The sessions you ran were effective with rave reviews and attendance levels. I really appreciated the effort you put in to understand our business so the content was as relevant as it could possibly be. It felt like we had worked with you for much longer!

Karen King HR Director The Openwork Partnership
Corporate resilience Karen King testimonial


Organisational Resilience: Workplace Wellbeing Lunch & Learns

Online Lunch and Learns raise awareness around wellbeing topics including nutrition to increase performance, well-being, reducing stress, movement, positivity and a growth mindset.

Examples include nutrition for improved performance, how harmful sleep is to mental health and how to create a resilient habit that sticks

Team Resilience: Behavioural Change Training

Behaviour change training involves teams working together so that open communication creates innovative solutions and greater creativity to workplace issues.

Training like this is bespoke to each organisation and are developed with specific learning objectives so that companies benefit from tangible ROI for the wellbeing budget.

Intrapersonal Resilience: Coaching

Coaching assists leaders to overcome obstacles – to be unstuck and more positive. 

Coaching creates space for leaders to become more self-aware, self-regulated, motivated and develop empathy and stronger social skills so that their teams benefit from open communications and reduced friction and tension within teams.


Reducing stress in the workplace

Bespoke trainings are created to raise awareness around employee wellbeing so that managers can have confident conversations around stress.

Resilience strategies are designed and implemented which will benefit employee health and wellbeing.

Training that support employee wellbeing so that their productivity and role effectiveness remains consistent

Reducing stress in the workplace so that organisations retain high productivity and reduce presenteeism.  Increasing team resilience so that organisations have a better wellbeing strategy ROI.

Organisational, Team and Intrapersonal Resilience

Using the Organisational Resilience framework that I have developed so that we can step back and understand strategic overview by assessing the organisation’s goals, values and mission.

Taking a snapshot of “where are we now” in terms of the organisations wellbeing culture so that trainings can fill the gaps so that any time or financial budget is directed effectively.

Once the strategic overview is understood then a bottom up approach is used to ensure relevancy. 

Rather than initiating trainings from what we ‘think’ employees need; instead pulse surveys (5 weekly questions) dig deeper and training is bespoke, crafted in real time.

Efficacy is created by gaining strategic buy-in, promotion and belief from management teams before it is promoted company-wide so that engagement with the training is much higher

Resilience training develops consistently resilient senior managers so that they are then able to support their own teams who in turn support the organisations clients.

Mental Resilience for improved organisational productivity

By building workplace resilience colleagues are stronger and more empowered so that they can work with the high pressure and build endurance to deal with the fluctuating intensity of workloads. 

Organisational resilience agility and resilience is developed by increasing managers awareness around current behaviours and wellbeing practices.

Awareness creates change.

When team leaders are more aware of how they can be more effective at work will mean that whilst at work, they will be more efficient.

Powerful personal resilience develop intrapersonal skills so that managers can regulate their personal resilience, they can control the controllables and create their own work life boundaries which will mean that when they are at work they are more focused, creative and innovative.

How organisations can help stop zoning out at work

‘Presenteeism’ is zoning out at work or not fully performing whilst at work

Presenteeism affects the ability of people to learn and pick up new tasks/routines

Managers are feeling pressured and not looking after themselves, which will affect their job roles

Resilience training supporting organisations with presenteeism issues and boost productivity


Phil Casey Punter Southall

Adele brings enthusiasm, energy, great knowledge and experience to her work. It’s so good to hear from someone as passionate about how we can all manage and improve our mental agility and resilience, so as to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives, both at work and at home. Highly recommended

ABout Adele....

With over 20 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, Adele has a unique insight into stress awareness and resilience within organisations. Using a powerful combination of personal experience and industry background Adele is ideally placed to understand the needs of your organisation.   Improving your corporate resilience programmes and specifically tailoring them to your requirements.

Creating bespoke and tailored learning platforms to work effectively within your organisation, because every organisation is different

Bespoke training solutions that will enable your staff to easily access the impactful instructor-led live learning training courses ensure a better ROI for organisations

Bespoke programmes are more cost-effective in terms of time, energy, and financial considerations and organisations see a better ROI on their wellbeing initiatives.


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