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Every training is tailored to your organisations needs. I‘d be happy to talk through some more detail and get guidance on what you organisational needs are. As a guide a half day (2 hour) virtual training course for up to 15 delegates. 

£1250 + VAT 

Every training undertaken has a debrief session to accurate assess feedback.

Qualitative data is also collected and the results and the efficacy of the training is quickly recognised.

Wellbeing webinars are a great way to raise your teams awareness around issues like sleep, nutrition, wellbeing. 

Behavioural change training is a more detailed, in depth approach to training is longer and includes a coaching element and development of longer term skills 

What is the best way to get started

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There are a wide variety of wellbeing training courses ranging from:

  • Mental Resilience for improved productivity
  • Nutrition to avoid burnout and increase performance and productivity
  • 6 ways to improve your sleep hygiene for better work performance
  • Positivity as a growth mindset for increased resilience
  • Resilience training for life and work:
  • Increasing vitality and productivity using 7 resilience pillars
  • Work Life Balance & Integration Training
  • Stress Management Training: Mental Health Agility 
  • Awareness of stress triggers at work and at home and how to change your response
  • How to avoid negative coping mechanisms
  • Better behavioural skills for your mental wellbeing
  • The important of positivity and happiness at work and how it can change your life

Wellbeing trainings can range from 45 mins to 1½ hours depending on the number of delegates. The type of training and the training objectives.

The workshops, training and executive coaching have been delivered and developed inside construction companies, law firms, technology and data management consultancies, commercial property developers as well as the financial sector.

With over 20 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, I have a unique insight into stress awareness and resilience within the financial and legal sectors. Using a powerful combination of personal experience and industry background I am ideally placed to understand the needs of your organisation.  Improving Corporate Resilience Programmes and specifically tailor them to your organisational requirements.

As a former leader in the marketing world, I have been employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning advertising, retail, and marketing together with 20 years of running my own wellness business.

After becoming a victim of ambition-burnout myself, I’ve understood that through personal development, training and learning that resilience is a skill that can be learned and developed using a crafted framework bespoke to each organisation.


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