What is a Corporate Retreat and how can they boost morale and productivity?

A Corporate Retreat is an interesting and diverse way to bring together team members in an organisation. A way to bring teams closer and build a strong cohesive culture within an organisation. Research shows that teams involved in corporate retreats not only report greater compatibility, camaraderie but also greatly improved and easier communication, as well as post-retreat improved productivity. This article will help to outline what a Corporate Retreat is, the benefits them and how they build connectivity for your teams, boost morale and give the organisations greater ROI through increased motivation, innovation and productivity.

What is a Corporate Retreat?

A Corporate Retreat is an event lasting a day, a week or longer where colleagues are able to relax, bond and agree way forward in a corporate planning or problem solve.

Retreats are effective motivators for staff colleagues and offer ways to bring together different organisational departments, they can therefore reduce the need to have a number of different meetings across the country or even the world. Retreats bring everything and everyone together for a particular project, objective or planning consideration.

In this increasing time of remote working; a Corporate Retreat can be a cost-effective way to bring teams together to work smarter not harder.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Retreat?

Brainstorming and innovation

Retreats can have a range of benefits including successful brainstorming sessions to enhanced individual and team skill-building.

For managers and team leaders, it is an opportunity to see how teams work together. For instance, quieter team members and deep thinkers have an opportunity to explore their creativity. They often become a focal point for innovation and change. Whereas in a face to face meeting the dominant characters will take over and take over a conversation. On a retreat, there is an opportunity to see the strengths of the entire team.

Improved communication

Another advantage is that communication is quickly improved. Team communication becomes an asset that will last for a long time after the corporate retreat is finished. It is a bonding experience that enables every team member to feel part of a life-changing experience and also a stronger link to the organization. They are an opportunity for the company to really establish a strong vision and mission; a way to strengthen organisational culture.

Rebuild “Them and Us” culture

In times of strain and hardship, some organisations experience a ‘them and us’ culture. A divide, brought on by busy workloads creates discord and stress. Senior leaders aren’t always visible to those teams working directly with customers and creates a culture divide. If these issues are left unnoticed and unattended create a great rift between teams, breakdown in communication. A corporate retreat can help reduce and correct these issues.

Incentivise ‘purpose’ led employees

Millennials and the next generation – generation Z will be a large part of the workplace and by 2030, approximately 75% of the workforce will be Millennials (Kloss, 2018). This new group of dynamic employees are looking for a stronger mission and purpose around the roles in the workplace. 

Improve employee engagement

A powerful employee engagement programme suits these individuals who are looking to create deeper meaning from their jobs and careers. A corporate retreat will help to incentive these key players; enhancing their opportunities to grow and personally extend themselves is very appealing proposing to this workforce.

Boost morale and improve performance

Boosting morale and team performance is the primary reason that corporations decide to host retreats. It is the way to invest in employees which shows that the company cares.

 Traditionally team-building exercises have evolved around a ‘night out or an activity that. There is an increasing awareness that the health-conscious are excluded from these types of events. 

Improve relationships within teams

Looking to deeper the relationship and improving camaraderie within teams means a longer, more involved team event and would generate better longer-term results. A corporate treat brings teams together in a way that lasts considerably longer and builds upon resilience, innovation and brainstorming opportunities in a quicker way.Benefits of Corporate Retreat

How can a corporate retreat help teams connect, particularly after Covid-19?

A  corporate treats will help teams to connect and build stronger bonds especially after a long period of remote work created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Isolation and fear of greater isolation are one of the key mental health issues during Covid-19. Mental health issues were the top concern for employees during the Covid-19 lockdown. A corporate retreat is an effective way to promote and encourage compassion, well-being and inclusivity amongst an organisation and a way to break down barriers and heal communication rifts.

Remote working and its effect on mental health impacts each team member differently. A retreat is the chance to ensure that senior leaders are able to notice their team’s well-being. Creating the space and time to find out more about the individual impact of lockdown and to therefore understand and be compassionate toward their individual circumstances. Working remotely makes it harder for employees to engage. 

Therefore foster an inclusive culture where everyone in the team feels engaged and able to contribute is a major benefit of a corporate retreat.

How does a corporate retreat boost morale and productivity?

With the absence of office space and easy office conversations a corporate retreat boosts connectivity, morale and improves productivity. 

Retreats use a combination of coaching, consulting, and exercises to improve management and communication skills to managers of remote teams. A retreat is a strategic resource to build relationships and culture inside an organisation with the absence of a central focused office space, which has become more normal with remote working. A corporate retreat develops the feeling of senior management and organisational support. It is a powerful and effective way to renew employees joy, excitement and enthusiasm for their work roles.

Team building activities outside of work build morale, but they also provide key performers with the opportunity to reflect on their skills and develop stronger skills and attribute that will enhance their career and role with the organisation; which in turn will better their chance – and the organisations chance – for improvement.

After a relaxing retreat, organisations improve ROI because the returning teams are more interested, engaged, excited and productive.


How often should you take your team on a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is an opportunity for senior leaders to show their appreciation for the hard work teams does. Therefore it is often appropriate to organise a corporate retreat annually or after a large piece of work has been completed or a contract won – or even lost!

Another consideration is scheduling the corporate retreat in advance of a deadline as it will give the team a focus, a goal and a mission to complete the arduous work quickly, effectively and to their best capability. If you are interested in finding out more read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?

Over time faithful employees quality of work may start to diminish when the work has become too easy for them, repetitive and they will become less engaged. Research and feedback illustrate that often employees are not aware of their change in behaviour. A corporate retreat is an effective way to help renew vigour, interest and approach their role in a different and more varied way. 

Time away whilst thinking creativity will offer more opportunities for role and job diversity and increase revenue opportunities for organisations that can streamline existing roles and work processes.

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Is there an example of a company that has regular Corporate Retreats?

Buffer recently reported a successful corporate retreat that gave their employees connectivity and activities that created great memories for the team.

From the outset Buffer considered the objectives for the retreat including their cultural or engagement objectives for the retreat. The corporate retreats in the past were historically along the lines of three models:

  • the City model,
  • the Resort model,
  • the Rural/Suburban model.

The rural model worked well for small team collaborations with the focus primarily on bonding and work objectives; the specific resort model were excellent team-building retreats where all the resources and everyone were in a small geographical area. Everyone was together for an extended period of time creating energy and powerful momentum. The city retreats meant that the participants stayed at a hotel and worked from a coworking or event space during the day. These retreats were more of ‘get a done’ events.

Buffer took their key performers to Singapore where they concluded that teamwork makes the dream work and – the slower, more relaxed pace gave everyone room to rest and enjoy the time together.

(Reference: Buffer’s 9th Retreat)

Why it’s important your Corporate Retreat isn’t just about work

A corporate retreat can be seen as a mini-vacation for an organisation’s key performers. Not only are they an interesting opportunity for employees to engage with one another, participate in deeper and more meaningful team-building activities, they also give space and distance away from the stress of an office environment and politics.

Ensuring that the retreat isn’t just about work means that new and varied strengths will appear, which will allow organisations to identify new areas of development that can be used to the organisation’s benefit. If you are looking to read more about retreats in Europe read this article What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

It is often difficult to truly ascertain an employee’s true strengths and weaknesses in a work environment. Most of us act differently outside of work than we would in a professional setting and can to extent hide downfalls. Getting a clearer picture of teams and individuals strengths organisations can effectively delegate work tasks to those who would best complete them. Identifying team roles to build a cohesive team and allows for a more diverse work environment.

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Where other Wellbeing Retreats are there?

With mindfulness, employees have higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved team-building skills and enhance a successful organisational culture. 

On a wellbeing retreat, you will be introduced to mindfulness practices that reduce stress, improve focus, and boost productivity, leading major companies from Google to Accenture to invest in mindfulness retreats for employees. 

Allowing colleagues to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work demands, and immerse in the beauty of nature in a quiet sanctuary. Team members will return with renewed vigour, creativity, and deeper commitment to the organisation’s mission and values. 

If you are looking for a warmer climate then read this article Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retrea

This sea-view Greek Wellbeing Retreat is spread over a number of villas, each villa has its own pool.  The venue is perched on the cliffside offering amazing views over the bay of the local village and far beyond.  The Ionian Sea is within walking distance; to find out more about Greek Wellness Pilates Retreat click here.  The accommodation is 5 star and at the time of writing this article, there are 2 x private rooms available.

Best retreats in Europe

Dates: 3rd-10th October 2021 read this article Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retrea


Andalucia Sanctuary Pilates Escape

This retreat is all about taking the time to escape, exercise, re-energise, and realign your body and mind in the wonderful spring of the Spanish countryside. Whether you are new to Pilates or more advanced, you will feel the benefit of practising Pilates daily, guided by expert tuition from highly experienced Pilates and Yoga Instructors

Spanish warm sun, inspiring mindfulness talks, rebalancing meditation & gentle Pilates to nurture and comfort you. An unforgettable place where you can take time to rejuvenate and relax. Find out more about the Andalucia Sanctuary Pilates Escape click here

Spanish Retreat

 Dates: Saturday, April 23rd-30th 2022  If you want to read more this article is relevant Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

 Pilates wellness day retreat – Topsham, Devon

Are you ready for some relaxation and recharge your batteries? What about a day retreat in the most fabulous location in Devon? Topsham was named as the best place to live in the South West by The Sunday Time – find out more click here Retreat Wellness Day

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