What is a corporate health and wellbeing retreat?

The increase of workplace stress is a growing concern and costs both the professional and organisations. Corporate health and wellness retreats are a way to reduce workplace stress and an opportunity to create stronger bonds in a collaborative space for employees, which will also improve the resiliency of your organisation.This article will outline what a corporate health and wellbeing retreat looks like, the advantages of using them for your employees and the difference between a traditional corporate retreat and a corporate health and wellbeing retreat.

Why should organisations consider corporate health and wellbeing retreats?

  Refocus on health A corporate wellness retreat offers professionals the time and respite to focus on their own health whilst also improving the efficacy of the organisation. 

Boost morale
A corporate health and wellbeing retreat will boost morale, reduce anxiety, and keep the organisational team culture strong. 
Stronger team connections

Stronger team connections

A corporate health and wellbeing retreat offers organisations the opportunity to develop stronger connections, improved communication skills and the opportunity to deliver better organisational outcomes – including higher productivity and better team engagements.

Improve team engagement

In addition, corporate health and wellbeing retreats will impact employees lives and improve the health and wellbeing of key performers so that they perform at their best whilst at work and fully engaged with the company.

Workplace stress and burnout are on the rise, Gallup in 2019 reported 67% of all employees are experiencing burnout in the workplace and feel overwhelmed by having to meet constant demands.

Gallup 2019 published organizational science journal Human Performance,


What does a corporate health and wellbeing retreat add?


A corporate health and wellbeing retreat will go deeper than a corporate retreat. It offers tools for managing stress and give your hard-working teams an experience of a lifetime they will truly appreciate and benefit from for years to come. 

Corporate retreats are designed to ensure that all employees feel motivated, supported and cared for which reflects back on the organisation. They boost company culture to improve employee health and satisfaction which is a critical investment now more than ever before.

Quite simply corporate health and wellbeing retreats create strong and resilient teams. If you want to read more the benefits of a retreat then read this article: What is a corporate retreat and how can they boost morale and productivity?

The link between remote working, mental ill-health and team engagement

The last year accelerated the dramatic adaptation to remote working put a significant strain on team collaboration. 

Remote working affected employee’s mental health differently.  Each team member had a variety of different issues to deal with. 

Whilst for some staying at home whilst trying to juggle work, childcare, schooling, and unpredictable finances took their toll on working families. 

Others were impacted by loneliness and lack of connection and proved to be stressful for single, younger members of the team.

Mental health has become one of the biggest challenges for employees and employers to manage with the continuously evolving work dynamic.

A corporate health and wellbeing retreat will not only revitalise team engagement; it is also the opportunity to create better health, and time to reflect on using better-coping skills when under severe stress.

What are the benefits of a corporate health and wellbeing retreat?

As stress levels in the workplace continuing to rise, many companies recognise the importance and value of employee self-care and building resilience by supporting teams and individuals and taking time out to educate and rewarding them with purposeful breaks for recovery.

Corporate health and wellbeing retreats support employees to live healthy lives which in turn helps organisations become stronger, more agile and do better business. Stepping back will allow employees to improve their productivity, effectiveness and creativity.

Retreats also have a positive impact on employee absenteeism and drive job satisfaction, which therefore enable organisations to retain their key talent. 

Read more in my article What is a corporate retreat and how can they boost morale and productivity?

What’s the difference between a Corporate Retreat and a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Retreat?

  • What is a Corporate Retreat?

Company retreats are invaluable experiences in culture-building, brainstorming, and creating a relaxed environment to produce innovation and creativity. 

A corporate retreat is generally used to solve a particular organisational problem, create a strategy for the year ahead as well as increasing camaraderie, communication, and productivity.

Corporate retreats also give chance to ensure that senior leaders are able to notice their team’s well-being. Creating the space and time to understand and be compassionate toward their team so that managers can foster an inclusive culture where everyone in the team feels engaged and able to contribute is a major benefit of a corporate retreat.

If you are interested in reading more about Corporate Retreats this article will be of use What is a corporate retreat and how can they boost morale and productivity?

  • What is a Corporate health and wellbeing retreat?

The main difference between a corporate retreat and a corporate wellbeing retreat is the overall agenda. 

Whilst a Corporate Retreat has an organisational aim or agenda a Corporate Wellbeing Retreat is focused on the wellbeing of the individual and increasing their work skill set.

Corporate Retreats have a specific task or collaborative purpose that will support the organisation’s growth as well as improve communication in various departments. 

Whereas Corporate Health and Wellbeing Retreats are more focused on the individual intimate and personalised, focusing on your individual needs and goals. Using professional wellness experts, a health retreat aims to help individuals with tailored treatments.

What types of activities would you do on a corporate health and wellbeing retreat?

The focus on Corporate Health and Wellbeing Retreat is the employees personal healing and renewal. It offers a designed programme of activities, guided by leading health and fitness experts that offer professionals the time and respite to focus on their own health. 

The emphasis is on using techniques and skills that include relaxation, mindfulness education and resilience techniques so that attendees can cope with workplace stress. If you are not sure what a health and wellness retreat read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?

Creating resilience from the pressure generated from the working environment can be disruptive to both employees mental and physical health. Organisations want key professionals to be energetic, positive and productive, despite ever-increasing workloads and long hours.

The type of activities on a corporate health and wellbeing retreat can be designed around bespoke corporate requirements.

In essence, the programme is designed so that key performers can take the time to take back control of their mind and body with daily ingredients of mindfulness talks, Pilates and yoga to unwind tight muscles and nourishing food so that their body can heal.

Time to escape, exercise, re-energise, and realign body and mind so that they can return to work energised, vital and empowered to create resilient teams. If you are interested in finding a retreat for yourself read more here What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

Corporate wellbeing retreats use activities that will:

  • Explore various ways to still the mind and experience calm
  • Pilates and Yoga practice with expert tuition that will help body and mind stretch and unwind
  • Healthy lunches and dinners will kick-start healthy eating
  • Powerful tools to help relax, release stress.
  • Guided Mindful Meditations that will help you to step back a gear
  • Group executive coaching to release tension and improve team communication
  • Coaching so that executives can manage their own personal resilience, they can control the controllables
  • Tools to create work life boundaries which will mean that when they are at work they are more focused, creative and innovative.

What are the real reasons why corporates employees should consider a retreat?

Corporate wellbeing retreats help to create a healthy work environment and giving leaders and employees the tools and support they need to grow and organisations build a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. If you are looking to read more about retreats in Europe read this article What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

Corporate wellbeing retreats are becoming increasing popular due to the issues of workplace stress including:

  • With more hours spent over the work desk and less health, an employee now struggles to maintain healthy living
  • A regular meditation practice increases focus, problem-solving skills get more creative and new ideas enter the mind more freely. Steve Jobs at Apple was successful because of regular meditation practice
  • 74% of employers view wellbeing as important to employees and a useful tool for recruiting and retaining key staff. (Source: Xerox)
  • Research has demonstrated that workplace health initiatives like retreats will reduce sick leave absenteeism by 27% and health care costs for companies by 26%. (Source: WHO)
  • Mindfulness and emotional wellbeing allow employees to improve the clarity of thought and creative strategic direction. it’s the mind chatter that draws our attention away from the present moment, reducing the chatter improves concentrations and focus in the workplace

If you are interested in discovering more you may be interested in this article The Most Common (And Annoying!) Misconceptions about Health and Wellbeing Retreats

Why should organisations send employees on a Wellbeing retreat?

76% of workers believe their company need to be doing more to support mental health (source: As Work Evolves, Stress Levels Rise Oracle and Workplace Intelligence). 

In order to retain the staff it important to give employees space and time to focus on their health and wellbeing, build stronger connections with colleagues; renew their energy, learn practical tools and a create fundamental support network.

Corporate health retreats offer a range of wellness programmes including health and wellbeing, resilience training, stress relief, as well as specific training around nutrition, sleep, positivity, mentally agility, mindfulness so that you can return home as a whole new person with fresh motivation. Thriving and resilient cultures endure through difficult work periods and agile workplace cultures mean that teams grow stronger through adversity so that organisations achieve their targets and goal.

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Alternatively, if you are looking for a wellbeing retreat in Europe Pilates Wellbeing Retreat with soothing Pilates and restorative healing:

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