Resilience Coaching​

Creating a Coaching Culture

If you want your teams to feel heard, supported and empowered then building trust using open dialogue is the major benefit of working with a coaching culture. Creating this culture means that your teams feel feel qualified to problem solve.

Coaching gives managers self-awareness around clarifying their goals and achieving their personal and professional objectives and unlock their potential.  

Solving the issues that they face daily.

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Adele’s coaching session was very valuable and well-timed during COVID lockdown & working from home

Top 3 ways your organisation willl benefit from a resilient coaching culture

Problem solving

Experiment with a new way of thinking and doing.

Members of the group are able to experience empowerment and try new things with less fear so that they can step out of their comfort zone and try new things

Team collaboration

Sense of community

Shared values of the business are created with the organisation. 

This combination of a shared and focused commitment to reach one goal is very powerful. Everybody working together to achieve the same thing is incredibly supportive and nurturing.

Clear Communication & Accountability

95% success rate

65% of team members stick to a new way of working and a change in behaviour if they have accountability – this percentage increases 95% if there is a specific accountability group that managers have made the commitment to.

Variety of real-life experiences

Coaching gives managers self-awareness around clarifying their goals and achieving their personal and professional objectives and unlock their potential.  Solving the issues that they face daily.

Coaches will refrain from giving direct advice and instead give the opportunity for the executive to clarify and solve their own problems so that they have this skill for future obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

A group coaching approach leads to a huge variety of approaches that stimulates and encourages creativity.

In a group dynamic differing views and solutions are offered by other members and often give fresh insights and allow individual managers the courage to try something new.

Collaborative solutions are found which are workable for the entire team.

Increased levels of empathy amongst team leaders are a recognised benefit of executive coaching so that team members have increased levels of engagement and motivation.

Executive coaching is used to develop manager’s skills and talents.

Coaching increasing the skills of managers and often bridges the information gap in a way that the entire team remains engaged.

Executive coaching offers managers the time and space to assess their goals, achievements and find a way forward through being stuck with business and personal dilemmas.

Coaching resilience skills benefits the individual manager in their everyday life as well as developing communication skills at work.

Improved leadership abilities in team leaders mean that disputes are solved quicker, and communication and outcomes delivered faster. 

Better social skills benefit the manager at work and during their working life and home life.

Client Testionials

Adele's training is slick and inciteful, whilst also being extremely helpful. I was particularly impressed that she took the time to follow up immediately on some feedback that I had given with an invite to a personal discussion, which was also very useful. Not only does Adele clearly ‘know her stuff’ but she also cares and is very authentic.

Next Stage

If your organisation is looking to incorporate coaching programme or would like to investigate the opportunities that coaching can offer  please email me to discuss your organisational requirements or book an appointment straight in my diary

To move your resilience training forward, the next step is to book a call with me, Adele Stickland and together we can discover what stage your organisation is currently at, and how you can best implement the most proactive strategy that will serve your employees

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Variety of real-life experiences

Coaches are trained to be objective, and an internal coach can remain distanced and retain personal and professional objectivity.

However, there may be on occasions a level of unease within managers with an internal coach.  Fearing that conversations are not confidential and will ultimately get back to their line managers.  An unsettling feeling that an openess will affect their career trajectory, therefore, making getting to the heart of the matter a little more difficult.

Some managers may prefer to use an external and ‘objective’ coaching perspective that is not ‘influenced’ by the internal politics of organisations.

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With the increased workload caused by the pandemic, there is an understandable concern amongst senior leadership teams and HR departments around the issues of long term stress in the workplace and its effect on presenteeism which has a knock on effect on productivity and hitting targets.