Wellbeing Training that will reduce presenteeism and burnout

Reduce burnout with Organisational Wellbeing

Are you and your managers struggling with additional stress brought on by the pandemic? This article will outline some simple wellbeing trainings so that you can find the best fit for your wellbeing solutions and create the return on investment that suits your business. Outlining wellbeing solutions that will fit your organisational L&D budget, time […]

How My Resilience Workplace Workshops Reduces Workplace Stress

Workplace resilience training

Reducing the long term effects of stress is essential for organisations to move past the current crisis into a stronger future.   Creating resilience workplace training that helps to reduce workplace stress is now fundamental.  Planning wellbeing programmes are no longer nice to have but are now essential to assist employees to cope with the increasing […]

How harmful is sleep loss to your mental health?

how harmful is sleep loss to your mental health?

Occasionally we all suffer from the odd night of disrupted sleep, either having difficulties getting off to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night with thoughts running around or unfinished conversations.  Nights like those are inevitable from time to time, the bigger issue is when these occasional occurrences turn into long term […]

How can organisations develop an effective Wellbeing Strategy?

Developing an effective Wellbeing Strategy is a top priority for forward-thinking organisations.  Not only has the pandemic created unprecedented long term stress issues but also retaining and engaging key staff is essential for recovery.  Key performers in an organisation are looking to work with organisations that share a common purpose, vision and mission.  Today’s employees […]

How to Find a Resilience and Wellbeing Trainer

With an estimated 17 million UK workdays lost every year due to stress, anxiety and depression, investing in employee wellbeing is essential and finding the right wellbeing trainer is critical to the success of the programme.  Studies show an 85% positive change in workplace wellbeing as a direct result of having a wellbeing programme in […]

How to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Improving mental health and increasing wellbeing in the workplace was becoming an important issue.  During the Covid-19 crisis, it has become critical. During lockdown 1, reducing stress and maintaining productivity was a number one priority with the transition from the workplace to the home. Meeting the varied and challenging demands that were occurring required changes […]

How to Build Resilience in the Workplace: The Ultimate Guide

There’s no doubt that the mental health issues, created by Covid-19, has taken a huge amount of managerial time. Increased stress combined with the transition to home working has lead to changes in team dynamics and a reduction in productivity. Working remotely has been pushed upon us all.  And where it was previously seen as […]