Navigating Leadership Challenges

Transformative Leadership Coaching for managers is a comprehensive coaching program designed to address the challenges faced by leaders in today’s dynamic business environment. This program empowers managers to enhance team dynamics and communication, master the art of effective delegation, and foster a culture of recognition and accountability. By focusing on developing soft skills, empathy, and adaptability, it equips leaders to navigate the complexities of modern management, bridge generational gaps, and lead with vision and purpose. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization, this innovative approach ensures leaders are prepared to inspire, motivate, and drive their teams toward shared success, laying the groundwork for a future where leadership is synonymous with resilience, inclusivity, and transformative impact.

Bridging the Generational Gap in Communication

Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace

Have you ever worked with colleagues from different age groups and felt you needed help with translation? You’re not alone! In today’s diverse workplaces, navigating generational differences can be a challenge. We often work alongside colleagues from different eras – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z – each having grown up in distinct […]

5 Effective Tools to increase Well-being Training Engagement

5 effective tools to increase well being engagement

The outmoded managerial style of ‘command and control’ where line managers talk at staff and tell them what to do, fails to motivate. Instead inviting a considered coaching approach and a managerial style that engages staff to find out their needs works best

When employees lack agency or purpose, when they are offered little value or understanding of their role, they are unmotivated which adds to feelings of being out of control and increases their levels of stress.

When employees feel that they are not in control of their jobs their stress levels soar.

When employees feel empowered and valued in their roles they thrive.

Powerful leadership skills that use brains and the heart

Team Leaders Lack Confidence

The London School of Economics predicted in 2018 “In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in future, they’ll be about the heart.” Since the pandemic it has become even more imperative for team leaders to inspire, motivate and engage their teams – soft skills are the new management ‘must have’ […]

5 Leadership Reflection Questions to promote resilience & team engagement

5 Leadership Reflection Questions to promote resilience & team engagement

Before beginning any new project, contract, new role or new year – developing a closure and review practice on the work or year that has passed and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t is an important way for leaders to move forward with new projects. Reflection practices are important leadership practices, and creating some […]

The 3 tools leaders are using for resiliency through crisis

Uncertainty is debilitating so how do you create powerful mental resilience?

The last few years have seen many difficulties and crises, the question this newsletter will explore is how organisations and leaders thrive in times of crisis. How do leaders pull teams together when employees are feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted? The current economic turmoil and the cost-of-living crisis have followed past crises like the pandemic and […]

How do you shift your team from exhaustion to the dream team?

Uncertainty is debilitating so how do you create powerful mental resilience?

A recent Work-Life Balance Training I hosted recently brought this question sharply and painfully into focus: “How do team leaders shift their teams from exhaustion to the dream team?” One of the team managers in the session had recently taken on a new managerial role and was keen to prove that they were capable of, and up […]

Top tips to improve your teams’ wellbeing with successful hybrid meetings

Improve wellbeing successful hybrid meetings

Team meetings are a great way to get together, however, online team meetings have become exhausting, with commentators noting symptoms like eye fatigue, online exhaustion, zoom burnout, lack of real connection, biases, stilted conversations and often meetings running into another. This article will outline the best 6 top tips to guide a hybrid meeting that […]

The 3 steps your organisation can take to improve your teams’​ mental wellbeing?

As the team leader in your business, what wellbeing issues are you noticing within your teams? Perhaps employees are raising concerns about ‘zooming out’ because they have too many meetings online, or team members are more agitated because of the pandemic and displaying unhelpful behaviours which are creating discord and issues within the business which […]

What does Wellbeing Strategy look like in a hybrid environment?

What does a Wellbeing Strategy look like?

This article will outline the basics of a Resilient Wellbeing Strategy that will help as workloads have changed and increased since the pandemic and as we work in a more hybrid way. After speaking to many HR and business leaders I am only too aware personally that the fallout from the pandemic has left many […]

What effect has hybrid working had on your teams’ mental wellbeing?

What effect has hybrid working had on your teams mental wellbeing?

Over the last few months, in conversation with wellbeing teams, I have noticed more HR managers and key personnel reporting emotional exhaustion. These HR professionals are often the most caring of professionals have been navigating the changes required by the pandemic over the last two years, as well as dealing with the increased problems and […]