3 reasons why companies shouldn’t work with an external coach

Currently, companies are looking to hire more external resources including coaches. Are you looking to hire an external coach in your organisation? Maybe you want to create or improve your company culture? Creating a culture that allows, encourages and rewards employee empowerment. Do you and your organisation need some external coaching resources to get there? If that’s the case, an external coaching consultant could help.

Whilst I’ve helped a number of organisations empower managers to lead in a way that gets the best out of their teams there are some valid reasons why not all organisations need to work with an external coach.

Whilst coaching is traditionally seen as a way of moving away from conflict and can be typically used during redundancies. Coaching can also help team leaders gain insights around their behaviour and allow them to ‘stretch’ both themselves and their skills with our external coaching programmes. However, this isn’t always suitable and this blog will outline 3 reasons why companies shouldn’t work with an external coach.

Although I love helping business leaders and organisations to get to the next level, an external coaching service might NOT be right for you or your company. 

I know that might surprise you, after all, shouldn’t consultants be telling you I can help everyone?

However, the truth is that an external coaching programme is not right for every company

Online Coaching

Our coaching packages can only be successful if we work with the right people with the right mindset and this is why we decided to write this article.

Below I’ve broken down the main reasons you might NOT see success when hiring an external coach.

The article will also explain what you can do instead that will help you get better results if you do end up working with us in the future.

1. You need a short term solution

A long term strategy requires planning and on occasions, businesses need a quick solution. A speedy solution that remedies a workplace issue or conflict in a speedy and efficient manner. An in house trainer or coach will be able to have the accessibility to resolve conflict in a timely manner.

During the pandemic, businesses have seen an increase in stress and its effect on productivity. You’ll find this article useful if you’re looking to reduce stress and its effect on your organisation with this article:

What can your business do to reduce the stress of hybrid working?

The organisations that see the best results using my coaching packages try to focus on where they want to be in 6-12 months.

A longer-term focus

A longer-term approach will help organisations to create a better ROI. In the then you will struggle to see long-lasting results.

What are your goals and objectives from working with us? When you focus on this and try to keep this in mind throughout the process, it’s far easier to keep pushing yourself. 

2. You currently have the in-house expertise

A coaching culture for any organisation is easier to create when there are a number of in-house, trained coaches. On-tap resources are available then issues can be solved quickly.

Fresh pair of eyes…

Karen King Head of Talent & Development at The Openwork Partnership

The issue that can arise with in-house coaches is one of perspective. An external coach will offer not only industry insights but also a fresh pair of eyes on

What a breath of fresh air you are Adele. So knowledgeable and passionate about wellbeing, personal growth and helping people to find ways to be their best selves.

Karen King Head of Talent & Development at The Openwork Partnership

3. Budgets are focused on other projects

In times of crisis, budgets are stretched over a number of projects. Allocating budges on a ‘nice to have’ coaching outlook and management approach can feel inappropriate

The coaching approach is far-reaching….

Coaching is an empowering process and forward-thinking for both the individual and the organisation. Whilst facilitating managers to become more self-aware and empathetic leaders, so that they perform at a higher level and take targeted actions, to increase team productivity and engagement.

Coaching within leadership development builds a coaching culture of leadership and improves personal and team solution finding and accountability.

If you would like to read more about coaching during hybrid working and the new normal, this article will be useful

Why executive coaching is the new norm for resilient organisations

What’s next for you?

So there you have it, those are the main reasons you might not achieve the speedy results you and your organisation are looking for. Hiring an external coach will give your organisation a long term, strategic focus but when an in-house team have the time and resources it is the quicker route.

As an effective team, it is really important that you know what they are so you can have a realistic expectation of what it takes to see long-lasting results.

If you are reading this and you are prepared to invest the energy, time, effort and resources, to make a commitment to using an external coach, then why not book a 15 minute call with me.

After asking you a few key questions, I can establish whether or not my coaching programmes are right for you. I’ll look forward to speaking to you.

I specialise in working with the legal industry & financial services organisations co-creating a strong company culture, allowing business longevity and profit.

Whilst developing all aspects of top performers so that they maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals, leading to higher productivity & ultimately profitability. Creating trackable action plans, align with personal and company goals, aid accountability, and maximise productivity.

The 3 top benefits of Coaching in Groups for your business

Chris Noble Director of Saunderson House

Adele recently did some training on mental resilience for Saunderson House and it was slick and inciteful, whilst also being extremely helpful. I was particularly impressed that she took the time to follow up immediately on some feedback that I had given. And an invite to a personal discussion, which was also very useful. Not only does Adele clearly ‘know her stuff’ but she also cares and is very authentic. I would be very happy to recommend her services

Chris Noble Director Saunderson House

Coaching in your organisation: next steps

To support organisations with performance issues and boost productivity during hybrid working contact Adele for coaching sessions for team leaders and employees. Coaching that use a structured approach towards clear objectives, personal growth and moving forward.

Adele’s coaching session was very valuable and well-timed during COVID lockdown, working from home.”

Lee Jennings Pension Planning at Openworks

If your organisation is looking to incorporate a coaching programme or would like to investigate the opportunities that coaching can offer  please email me to discuss your organisational requirements or book an appointment straight in my diary

Adele came in for an online coaching session at work. Little did I realise how the coaching would come into its own over the following week or so. How to manage situations has really helped me the last few weeks. I would recommend you go in with an open mind and see how the training can really benefit you”

Adele Stickland

Adele Stickland

With over 20 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, Adele has a unique insight into stress awareness and resilience within organisations. With a powerful combination of personal experience and industry background Adele is ideally placed to understand the needs of organisations looking to improve corporate Resilience Programmes and specifically tailor them to their requirements. As a former leader in the marketing world, Adele was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning advertising, retail, and marketing together with over 20 years of running her own wellness business. After becoming a victim of ambition-burnout herself, through personal development, training and learning. Adele recognises that resilience is a skill that can be learned and developed using a crafted framework bespoke to each organisation.

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