The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Stress in the Workplace

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Stress in the Workplace

Mental health issues take a huge amount of managerial time, leading to lost productivity and stress, as well as increased absenteeism, this article will outline the steps organisations can take to prevent stress in the workplace. It is meant to serve as an easy to follow, the ultimate guide to proactively tackling stress in the […]

How to handle employee off with work-related stress

Employee off sick

The 2020 CIPD reports that 37% of businesses in the UK have seen increases in stress-related absences. These absences have been attributed to poor management and work overload. This is despite an overall decrease in the absenteeism records over the last year. Absenteeism is decreasing and yet the latest CIPD figures illustrate that other issues […]

How My Resilience Workplace Workshops Reduces Workplace Stress

Workplace resilience training

Reducing the long term effects of stress is essential for organisations to move past the current crisis into a stronger future.   Creating resilience workplace training that helps to reduce workplace stress is now fundamental.  Planning wellbeing programmes are no longer nice to have but are now essential to assist employees to cope with the increasing […]